Snack Technology

In this smartphone-driven world, we’re constantly in search of the next innovation, the next product that’ll give us an edge over our competition. At Worksnax, we believe there’s something special about getting back to our roots. Root vegetables, that is. There’s nothing like real, healthy food to fuel creativity and productivity in the workplace.

From Farm to Desk

Santa Barbara is home to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. We’ve also got some of the finest food in the nation growing right here in our own backyard. From Rincon to Winchester Canyon, Worksnax sources the best local produce for our snacks. It’s Farm to Desk.

Employees Love 'Em

What? You got daily delivery of delicious, handcrafted snacks made from local, organic produce right to your office? Enough for everyone? And the team is excited about them every day? You just nailed down Employee of the Month. Every month.

Worksnax delivers delicious, handcrafted snacks to your office every single day.

It’s really the best thing since sliced bread. Except most of the time, it’s gluten-free. And vegan. Delicious, nutritious, whole-food snacks, conveniently delivered right to your break room make for one happy and healthy team. Don’t tell the 22 year-olds they’re actually good for ‘em, because otherwise they won’t think twice about actually eating fruits and vegetables. You won’t even have to hide them inside a pop tart.

We use the freshest, local organic ingredients. It’s Farm to Desk.

Not to hype it up too much, but seriously: we get produce the day it’s picked and it’s on your desk as a delicious prepared snack the next day. It doesn’t get much fresher or tastier than that. You could do it yourself, and you’d be following the farmer’s market around like a Phish head every week. Let Worksnax help you save on gas and avoid the parking hassle.

Employees love snacks.
Especially healthy ones they wouldn’t otherwise make themselves.

It’s true, people love eating. Sharing food is a big deal, and in some work environments break time is the only time to see and visit with friends from other departments or even from across the hall. Worksnax provides a positive, healthy focus for your team’s break period. One that they’ll be looking forward to from the moment they arrive, and that’ll fuel their productivity throughout the day.

And truth be told, we all know that we ought to be eating something like those carrot and celery sticks we grew up with instead of something coming out of a crinkly wrapper. But the fact is that it’s time consuming and downright tough to make everyday healthy snacks interesting in your own kitchen. Let Worksnax get all creative on you and leverage the scale of our food production facilities and culinary experts, bringing you delicious AND healthy food right to your break room.

Okay, I get it. Worksnax is totally awesome.
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